Power Generation

Sub-Saharan Africa hungers for power.

Although Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the main exporters of oil in the world, it is a big surprise for the global community why millions of Africans are clamoring for a decent and sufficient power supply. According to World Bank, the electricity production in the entire region was only 42 GW as of 2009.

Given this limited and unstable amount of power, added by the frightfully expensive investment and maintenance for using oil/thermal/coal as the power source, millions of Africans are now turning and relying to generators for their daily living.

With this, a great number of emerging markets in the region have opened lucrative opportunities for interested businesses to sell and distribute high-quality generators. If you are interested to participate in these markets, you should positively consider partnering with us. Why?

Longhorn & Associates has:

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 Substantial local connection with a big network of emerging markets in the power generation industry.

 Previously provided interested investors and businesses with commendable advisory and consulting services regarding the industry, market competition, and economy.

With our accurate and sharp consulting services, investing in these markets is not that risky anymore. In fact, we can also be of help in managing and developing your enterprise within the Power Generation industry. Rest assured that partnering with us will be one of the business decisions you will never regret. Contact us now and see how you can make the most of the Sub-Sahara African markets.