About Us

Longhorn & Associates is a global consulting and investing company with the proficient operational capability all over the Sub-Sahara African Market. We have expertise in providing our clients with prompt, innovative, cost-effective, as well as tailored advisory and consulting services in order to guide them in having a successful venture in emerging markets. We offer a comprehensive range of exceptional services such as:

  • Extensive Market Research and Analysis
  • Management Consultation
  • Investment Promotion Management
  • Enterprise Development Programs
  • Financial Services Solutions

Longhorn & Associates also invests and partners with global companies. Our team of professionals cut across through multiple industries and sectors such as Commodities Trading, Power Generation, Healthcare.

We aim to support interested entrepreneurs from all parts of the globe to participate in markets throughout the region. Also, it is our objective to highlight the region’s remarkable economic growth for the past decade. In this manner, the global community will realize that engaging in Sub-Sahara African Markets today is not that risky anymore. In fact, the number of foreign direct investments in the region has doubled since 2005.

Longhorn & Associates also works to break trading and market barriers on the entry level, encourage business investment, and stimulate market participation in order for interested market players to have a good head start. Our adept advising and consulting services are also advantageous in reducing the risk of doing business in the region’s emerging markets.